Does Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Insurance coverage for affordable addiction treatment varies depending on the type of insurance policies. There is an existing attitude towards addiction, which has led to discrimination when it comes to health insurance coverage for those seeking addiction treatments 800-303-4372. Many insurers are reluctant to provide insurance coverage for addiction treatment because of fear of the costs and efficacy of the treatment. In most insurance policies, there is usually a time cap on how long or how many times an individual should be covered for affordable addiction treatment, which is not the case when it comes to other diseases, other chronic diseases for example.

For those with health insurance, the good news is that they are most likely to be eligible for rehab insurance. It is usually very rare to get an insurance policy that covers other costs aside from those of drug or alcohol abuse rehabilitation. With health insurance, there is a set amount used to cover affordable addiction treatment. You should note that some states don’t require health insurance coverage for the cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The insurance coverage for rehabilitation varies from state to state, policy to policy as well as from provider to provider.

Does Insurance Cover Affordable Addiction Treatment?

Insurance coverage for addiction may be specific, regardless of the company that provides your health insurance. At times, the insurer may choose to cover either outpatient drug addiction treatment or inpatient alcohol detox. They may also not cover any medications that are associated with the treatment unless you are able to prove medically that it is necessary for the treatment. Insurance coverage for addiction may cover only a part of the treatment up to a certain amount, or a certain percentage of the cost. Of course, the deductibles will come out of the total bill before the insurance pays the claim.

However, health insurance companies are known for the trend of delaying and dragging themselves when it comes to the processing of insurance for rehabilitation claims. To make insurance coverage for affordable addiction treatment easier for you, prepare yourself by finding out and making sure that the services offered in your drug abuse treatment program are actually covered by your insurance policy.

You can also cover yourself by having your family doctor carry out medical tests that show you are developing some chronic ailments resulting from your drug addiction to prove that treatment is indeed medically necessary. Note that it is very important to get a written confirmation letter beforehand that shows and states the type of drug or alcohol rehabilitation along with the amount of the bill that your insurance company will be expected to cover.

You should also note that, whether it is in the form of your deductibles or if there is an extra part of treatment not covered or the medical costs, you will usually have to pay some of the cost yourself for the drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Total and complete comprehensive coverage is usually offered by the most premium health insurance policies only.

Transportation costs to the rehab facility along with those for necessities and essentials are not covered by the insurance. You must talk to your health insurance provider as well as the drug rehabilitation center where you plan to seek treatment. This will help you know what is covered by your insurance policy and what is not, as well to assist you in obtaining the exact figures before you apply or start an affordable addiction treatment program.

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